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Giovanna Nuñez, Director of Operations us speaks about the role of women in HDC BPO services Visto 613 veces

Giovanna Núñez Director of Operations “In HDC always is present the feminine charm, so much so the key places of our organisation comesn being led by women

In relation to the participation of the Woman in the labour market Peruvian, exist diverse factors that promote to the women to forward in the companies - breaking barriers and paradigms - which have attained to elevate substantially the number of women in managerial places.


Inside the functions that exert in the company focus mainly in the Direction of Operations, ensuring the attainment of our strategic aims, of equal way like Director, one of the functions that have to my charge is the one to look after the growth of the organisation and the fulfillment of the requirements of the parts interested, among others applicable to the organisation”.

You consider that it exists a "touch feminine" in the work?

“Yes, in fact, I consider that it exists the touch feminine since the women have different skills to manage us, are more perfectionist, analytical take care the most minimum details and are more expressive in relation to the communication and attention with the customer, more still in the case of our company HDC always is present the feminine charm so much so the key places of our organisation come being led by women”.


Learning…. “In the 13 years that belong to the company consider that in each stage learnt a lot of things and that still follow learning day in day out; I learnt to relate me with a lot of people, to work under pressure, to be tolerante and flexible also to be able to arrive to put them internal and external working in group and darse me that the success in this business bases in the work in team”.


“In general the call center is a developing industry that generates new places of work, mainly to the juvenile mass, that many times when initiating his experience in a first work, this allows them in addition to generating income, the have a flexible schedule so that they can develop academically, appearance that consider very important in our professional development”.


Women that have me inspired by the life…” The inspiration invites us to believe, to grow, trip and raise us in front of any adversity. There are WOMEN all over the world that they are for us sources of inspiration, but for me in particular inspire me the women that see in the day in day out, struggling by his family, struggling by his personal and professional wishes, women that know to take out alone advance to his families and that do a lot by them and by his children with so little in the life. For them, my recognition and my deeper admiration”.