Jr. Napo N° 375 Urb. Chacra Colorada - Breña
(+511) 712 6200

HDC BPO Services Chosen Call Center of the Teletón Visto 1056 veces

HDC BPO Services was chosen as the call center of the Teleton the support of Peruvians and the active participation of ourpartners reach the projected goal




 At HDC is breathed high levels of motivation, commitment andenthusiasm amongst the team. "We have deployed a team ofprofessionals, volunteer personnel and cutting edge technology toprovide a world class service to an event so important and noble aswhich organizes year after year the San Juan de Dios clinic", said Mr.Jose Manuel Nuñez Olivares, President of HDC BPO SERVICES.




 HDC company was a contingency plan and a team of professionalsthat provide 

uninterrupted service throughout the day of the Teleton.