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Frost & Sullivan rewards to HDC BPO Services by his aggregated value to the customer Visto 859 veces

The prestigious firm, Frost & Sullivan recognizes 

HDC BPO Services bythe added value offered 

by the customer due to their mix of experience

sin BPO


 One of the specialized products, it is the management of collections, that HDC assigned 52% of its resources, says Juan Manuel Gonzales of F & S. In this segment produced highly innovative initiatives, focused on monitoring conduct and analysis of the database of customers, focusing so precise, business management". Indeed, HDC is the only company that has an excellent mix of experience in collections of field, with know-how in contact centers, which complements very efficiently with the highest technology and measuring with indicators cross, both efforts.


The superior training of HDC BPO Services plan has two different programs: the internal process performed by qualified coaches who, having experienced real situations in contact centers, share that knowledge and the program designed by an external regional consultant, whose main concept is the "brain dominance" in which employees are trained to categorize customers according to each brain quadrant personalities. They are educated on how manage your contacts and which actions to perform, based on this qualification.


On the other hand, the company has three programs to improve the working environment and support to partners: "Grow", "Express yourself" and "PSYCHOLOGISTS in action". "Grow" is an internal program of plan of career development that seeks to promote and provide opportunities for growth and progressive promotions. "Express yourself" is an initiative that seeks to achieve an effective, dynamic and motivating internal communication. On the other hand 'Psychologists in action' is born because of the need that feel the company give free psychological support to the self-improvement of employees, at any level.


Frost & Sullivan gives distinction to the company that has demonstrated excellence in implementing strategies that grant greater value to their customers, focused on improving the return on investment in their services or products.