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HDC BPO Services Was awarded by the WORLDCOB in Washington, D.C Visto 705 veces

WORLDCOB (World Confederation of Business) organisation that recognises and rewards to companies leaders in his rubros, thatc ooperan with the growth of the andconomía of his country and of the world, distinguio to HDC BPO Services, company of Peruvian capitals, in the category "PINNACLE AWARD" in a ceremony of gala that had like headquarters The Willard Intercontinental in Washington D.C in his edition The BIZZ 2016.


The impact in the personal is the honour and the big professional satisfaction -that forces me- as one of the leaders in HDC to be followed generating value, goodp rácticas and better strategy, sustained Jose Nuñez Olivares President of HDC BPO Services


Likewise I stand out that for the company is a big recognition, especially for our team of collaborators that are those who day in day out build the company. How not remembering that they are 13 years of work, of delivery and dedication, of many of our collaborators that accompany us in the wonderful task to follow building the company in Peru.


Personally I exhort to my team to be followed the 3 basic principles (in language quecha) that left us our ancestors like philosophy that today enriches us: Allinta Munay (want to very), Allinta Yachay (learns very), ASllinta Ruway (do it very).