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We participate and contribute efficiently on society life’s quality enhance. HDC BPO collaborates actively with different non-profit institutions in order to satisfy the needs of the most vulnerable and extreme-poverty population. 


HDC BPO actively collaborates with variousinstitutions without profit in order to satisfy the needs of the mostvulnerable population and extreme poverty.

 Children's Villages

HDC BPO Services collaborates with SOS Children's villages. Theefforts of SOS Children's villages are aimed to prevent the loss of thefamily care of children, and when this has been lost, we providewonderful care, always working to ensure that children return to theirfamilies and communities whenever possible or to have otherpossibilities of family life.





Smiles of light


HDC BPO Services collaborates with light smiles, Civil institution nonprofit founded with the purpose of promoting welfare activities through direct actions oriented to satisfy the basic needs of the most vulnerable population and extreme poverty. We work especially in attention to health and the environment.




Land and Be



HDC BPO Services collaborates with land and be, organization of aidand cooperation,

whose objectives are to provide  knowledge andbasic tools for the implementation 

of social projects, acting in favourof education, moral, physical and  social well-being

 of families,especially children and the elderly, job generation and environmentalcare.