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HDC BPO Services

We are a Peruvian company dedicated to provide BPO & Contact Center services with the highest standards of quality. Our experience is supported by more than 15 years of

experience in the field, being recognized as a leading company in the market providing high added-value BPO and Collections services.


To provide high levels of quality levels to our clients, collaborators and providers through an efficient resource management, keeping constant communication and caring about goals achievement.


To be recognized as the leading company national-and-regional-wide in BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services diversification, characterized by providing excellent levels of quality, effectiveness and high added-value, which make us the best strategic allies for our clients.



Teamwork is promoted as the way to achieve goals effectively and efficiently


The effort towards goals achievement and personal improvement is recognized


Every person is highly appreciate and is treated fairly and equally. Nobody is discriminated against religion, age, sex or any other reason that can motivate differences against their integrity


Respect and appropriate achievement on agreements or made decisions


Everything that can be confidential, regarding every type of information sent or received for assigned tasks, is kept classified.


Every activity is performed with the objective of doing it well since the first attempt, transparently and impartially, and we also promoted continuous improvement.


Everything that contributes to provide a better service in any developed activity is identified


HDC BPO Services is a company oriented to provide high-value and quality services, which are supported by our wide experience in the BPO market on the customer relationship management.

We are committed with:

  • Satisfy our clients and look after the achievement of their requirements
  • Comply the applicable law and others voluntarily endorse
  • Assign the necessary resources to the Management System development
  • Develop our services efficiently and profitably
  • Supply appropriate information to our staff
  • Reduce accidents and illnesses among staff, suppliers and visitors
  • Promote and ensure our staff participation in topics related with the Safety and health at workplace
  • Protect our environment by reducing the resources usage and pollution
  • Promote an equal and respectful work environment, without incurring any discrimination acts, by encouraging integration among team members
  • Continuous improvement on Management System


HDC BPO Services has obtained the ISO 9001 certification since year 2008 through Bureau Veritas, a multinational dedicated to audit and training. This recognition is given to companies and its objective is to guarantee services quality.

On the other hand, based on the continuous improvement approach, departments within HDC quality management system are:

  • Operations
  • Business
  • Technology and Infrastructure
  • Human Resources
  • Logistic
  • Quality Assurance
  • Training
  • Commercial and Business Intelligence
  • Processes
  • Legal
  • Finance

Additionally, we count on with a group of internal auditors, as responsible of executing our annual audit plan, which allows us to guarantee the established indicators and procedures fulfillment.


HDC BPO Services have obtained the certification as homologated supplier since 2009, which is updated every year, graded with LEVEL “A”. Such qualification supports that our processes are controlled, providing security and guarantee to our clients.


COPC-2000® PSIC is an specialized regulation for the call and contact center industry that includes global best practices designed for costs reduction, efficiency improvement, client’s satisfaction increase with an important international-level recognition and applied to the best contact centers in the world.

In its pursuit to provide a high-performance experience to its clients, HDC BPO Services is currently implementing the regulation methodology.

HDC BPO Services processes implemented with COPC methodology are:

  • Transactions Monitoring
  • Outlook, planning and scheduling, and management in real time of our staff
  • Selection, training, and abilities and minimum knowledge verification of our staff

Our company has a professional staff with COPC-2000® PSIC Certification, who has years of experience on this methodology implementation.

Competitive advantages

HDC BPO Services is characterized by providing excellent quality, effectiveness and added-value levels

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We assist companies and corporations from different fields and industries and stretch excellent business relationships

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HDC BPO Services is supported internationally, which shows the quality of our business processes

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