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Virtual Agents

Always pushing forward with

new technology, always innovating

We have next-generation technological tools
to meet our clients’ goals.


JULIA, our virtual agent

person-to-person calls

Our virtual agents call or respond to customers just like a human being, with cheerful, natural-sounding voices.

A multi-purpose system

With JULIA you can:

Set up payment

Solicit information
about lack of payment


Route calls
to call-center operators


Carry out sales

Virtual-Agent Characteristics

With collections, JULIA can generate communications that include debt balance, maturation dates, payment agreements, and/or motives for non-payment.

JULIA can detect third-party voices, wrong numbers, or numbers to be called back later.

JULIA can transfer calls to a manager, allowing customers to close out an account.

JULIA’s natural-sounding voices help to build bonds with customers, facilitating client interactions.

JULIA works via a powerful dialer that can generate 1 million calls per day.

JULIA works in record time, contacting customers at prime communication hours.